wednesday (gendeath) wrote in warm_inventions,

violaine main room set list 1/23/04, dj wednesday

cocteau twins- pink orange red anadalusia- sunday morning trespassers william- alone elysium- glistening ganache love spirals downward- write in water mira- space the cranes- let go the flir- golden lush- undertown chapterhouse- pearl cocteau twins- squeeze wax the vontrapps- last summer was better cocteau twins- need fire curve- fait accompli the jesus and marychain- perfume the cranes- shining road (remix) sneaker pimps- 6 underground mono- life in mono cocteau twins- violaine portishead- all mine massive attack- teardrop air- sexy boy my bloody valentine- only shallow slowdive- morning rise trashcan sinatras- obscurity knocks the sugarcubes- hit lush- for love bjork- army of me ladytron- 17 sneaker pimps- spin spin sugar cocteau twins- blue bell knoll curve- coast is clear charlatans- the only one i know ride- vapour trail clinic- walking with thee slowdive- alison catherine wheel- black metallic radiohead- pyramid song coldplay- clocks felt- primitive painters flunk- blue monday charlatans- weirdo cocteau twins- heaven or las vegas pumalin- closing time cranes- lilies sugarcubes- coldsweat halou- half gifts mazzy star- fade into you dead can dance- black sun this mortal coil- song to the siren cold play- spiderweb the ocean blue- ballerina out of control the sundays- heres where the story ends the cranes-jewel radiohead- karma police dead can dance- host of seraphim more information about violaine and room 2 set list can be found at
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